What Makes a Cool Guy

Practically every young guy dreams to be cool and popular. But what does it mean to be a cool guy admired by all women? Most people think that a "cool guy" is a surfer, a quarterback, a racecar driver, a rock star, an extreme athlete, etc. But, in fact, you don't need to be a sports champion to be cool. Being cool means to behave in a certain way and possess some features of character that women and our peers appreciate.
Let's begin with the opposite and figure out what behavior traits and qualities can spoil your relationships with women and friends and make you look like a person desperately seeking attention.

Things That Don't Make You a Cool Guy

  1. Trying to look better than others.
  2. By doing so you will only make people think you have low self-esteem or feel unhappy with yourself.
  3. Putting people down, making fun of or making a person look not cool.
  4. Such behavior characterizes immature and insensitive people.
  5. Showing off.
  6. This only proves that you are trying very hard to attract attention and most people dread it.
  7. Crying, swearing, and complaining all the time.
  8. It's uncool to say worthless things all the time. People will feel annoyed. In fact, nobody loves to hang out with the guy who is always complaining.
  9. Trying to look tougher than other guys.
  10. This strategy could have worked in school, but adult people normally stay away from the guy who always has something to prove.
  11. Being a downer.
  12. If you don't have anything to say that's worth listening to just keep silent and hang out. Just keep negative things to yourself.
  13. Wearing sunglasses and Bluetooth headsets when indoors.
  14. People tend to laugh at such people.
  15. Pulling out lots of money or keys to an expensive car.
  16. Bragging never makes anyone cool.
  17. Talking loud on the phone to attract attention.
  18. It's weird to see people at a store or a gym speaking loud about how much money they have or what expensive car they drive.
  19. Leaning on the wall with your beer at a bar or club.
  20. This doesn't look cool and won't help you become social. People are unlikely to go talk to the guy standing on the wall.
    If you noticed any of these traits in your own behavior try to get rid of them the sooner the better. Such behavior will neither attract women and nor help you make friends.

    What Makes You a Cool Guy

    1. Not caring what people think about you.
    2. If you care much about what people and especially women think, this will never make you really cool and attractive.
    3. Not trying too hard to look cool.
    4. Avoid the extremes and make sure you don't behave like a rebel. Your manners and posture must be natural, nothing theatrical.
    5. Being laid back, composed and relaxed whatever the circumstances are.
    6. The coolest guys keep their composure and stay relaxed in the most difficult situations.
    7. Not seeking approval from others.
    8. Cool guys neither need validation that they are doing something right nor expect other people to agree with their opinion. It means you are doing what you think is right and don't care whether anyone approves it or not.
    9. Not being needy.
    10. Arrange your life in such a way that you don't depend on anyone. Learn to take care about you yourself so others or women won't have to baby you.
    11. Being really funny.
    12. If you feel that your sense of humor needs improving and you are not very funny, try to surround yourself with funny guys. Soon you will be able to make people laugh and they will enjoy your company. It also helps to watch stand-up comedies.
    13. Being friendly to everyone.
    14. A cool guy always treats everyone as an equal, even those people who he may consider beneath him. Treating other people as above you, especially women, doesn't make you cool either. If you treat others as beneath you people will just hate you and avoid communicating with.
    15. Being a good listener, developing conversationalist skills, and making people feel important.
    16. Make sure you not only listen but hear what other people are saying. Don't focus on what you're going to say next, just be present and listen if you really want to understand other people. In return the person will really like you and want to be your devoted friend.
    17. Being positive.
    18. If you're always negative discouraging others or complaining, you're not going to get many admirers. Always try to be positive and have something good to say. Train yourself to focus on opportunity rather than failure.
    19. Trying to be the best you can.
    20. Always try to improve yourself and remember that you are not a quitter. The best work harder than others and enjoy a better life. Let the phrase "It pays to be a winner! " inspire and drive you. Just ignore what others who are not improving their life may say and keep doing it for you.
      These pieces of advice will help you become a cool guy and are sure to help you improve your personal life and dating life as well. If you follow these steps, you'll start achieving the things you want, and your life will change for better in the desired direction. By the way, these steps will help you develop the qualities of a REAL MAN. If you keep working on these rules striving for self-improvement you are sure to have more friends and have a great social life.