Tips for Overweight Teens

Many people, both young and old, use food to ease emotional pain, suffer from loneliness or need comfort. It is quite natural as since out early childhood we learn that food is nurturing and it gives the feeling of comfort and love. If we feel depresses food often becomes our quick solution to the problem. But eating too much over a long period of time may cause addiction, and then we need help.
Part of the problem is that very often people feel bottled up with anger or other strong feelings. Being scared to really feel the negative or painful feelings, we refrain from release them in healthy ways. Instead we eat food in the attempt to numb the pain and the feelings associated with it. Sooner or later the suppressed feelings with come out in some destructive way. To prevent this we should learn to empty our emotions to helps relieve stress and avoid overeating. Here are some of the useful tips for teen that will help eat less and fight obesity in the long run.

  1. Make sure you have emotional release times. Meet regularly with a friend, parent, or any person who you are not shy to talk to. Sometimes you may need a shoulder to cry on, the other time you will relieve your feeling by yelling in front of him or her or fighting pillows with.
  2. Join a support group. These days there are very many support groups for men, women or teen led by professional advisers and self-help groups. E-mailing, or social networking sites also help connect with the others, get feelings out and receive support as long as you don't substitute this sort of communication with real human contact.
  3. Journaling is another great way to reconcile with yourself. Keeping a journal can heal your wounded feelings rather effectively. You may begin your journal with the phrase like "If you really knew me…".
  4. Do yoga, dance, swim, play sports, etc. Engage in sports or any physical activity you love. This will not only help you stay fit but will also help emotionally and add happiness to your life.
  5. Consult a professional nutritionist, or start attending fitness or nutrition classes. This will keep you motivated and help improve your life.
  6. Make the inner critic in your head keep silent. Replace the voice in your head that rips you down with the voice that encourages and motivates you. Every day, whenever you have time (when brushing your teeth or going somewhere) talk to yourself the way a loving parent does. Praise yourself and when you are alone do it loud. You may say something like: "You are so smart." "I am proud of you." "You look great." Even if doing this seems silly to you or you don't believe in what you are saying keep doing it until you finally start believing in it. You should start loving yourself, that's very important.
  7. Consider finding a spiritual path. You may start going to church, enjoying the time in nature, listening to music, meditating, reading books or doing whatever your soul feels like.
  8. Keep track of your daily habits. You may write in your journal when you eat a lot, when don't do it and when are you unconsciously eat just because of habit. Consider replacing the time when you overeat with something that you really enjoy. Find a hobby that makes you happy or go to a gym. Doing this with a friend or someone you love will bring even more pleasure to your life.
  9. Help others. You may volunteer to do some environmental project, join a nonprofit organization, help animals, children, elders, etc. Focus your attention on helping others.
  10. Find a job that is not connected with food. It would be great if your job will be something you just enjoy doing. Whatever it is, if you are stay busy you will eat less.

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