Aptos TEACH: Tigers Educating and Advocating for Campus Health

Photo Gallery 1: Preparations for Aptos TEACH at Aptos Middle School

A flyer for Aptos TEACH

A flyer for the Aptos TEACH program.

Students signing up

A group of students congregating around the sign-up table.

staff & student

Two HIFY staff members, Rey Estevez and Cassie Benton, manage the sign-up booth as an interested student looks on.

students are signing up

A group of students signs up for Aptos TEACH.

tina with a flyer

One of the HIFY staff members, Tina Mahle, proudly holds a stack of Aptos TEACH flyers.

want a job?

Some creative students have made their own advertising for Aptos TEACH.


students walking around campus

Students mill about the Aptos Middle School campus.

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