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Presidential Youth Fitness Program is a voluntary program that offers teachers free access to various health related activities and resources. The objective of this comprehensive school-based program is promoting healthy mode of life and regular physical activity for American young people. The program enables the educators to implement and assess their fitness programs and motivate the students to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle.
Physical activity is a key to the children's health and well-being. According to numerous studies, due to physical activity children not only stay active and healthy, but also demonstrate better concentration skills and improved academic performance.
In 1966, the President's Council has introduced the Youth Fitness Test that assesses physical fitness. With the years the Fitness Test has been updated, and the current test uses data from the 1985 National School Population Fitness Survey. The President's Council relied on the expertise and knowledge of leading specialists in the area to make the current test a comprehensive program that provides guidance and resources to educational institution to ensure considerable results. The new program doesn't focus on recognizing athletic performance but rather provides a barometer on student's health.
Overweight Teens Hify To achieve the maximum success the Presidential Youth Fitness Program has established partnership relations with the following organizations:
FITNESSGRAM, adoption of The Cooper Institute's fitness assessment;
the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, a leading organization of specialists in physical education that ensure professional development of educators by organizing monthly webinars and other events;
the Amateur Athletic Union responsible for administering the youth fitness recognition program;
the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in charge of keeping track of and assessing the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.
The Presidential Youth Fitness Program strives to make teens understand how important it is to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle not only in school but outside school as well. The goal of the program is to support students in pursuing personal fitness goals for attaining lifelong health. By following the program, schools get free access to a great number of resources designed to encourage students to lead an active and healthy way of life: online training, school recognition programs, test protocols, standards for testing, calculators for aerobic capacity and body composition, promotion of PALA+, and much more.
Many teens suffer from excess weight. Leading an active way of life and eating healthy food will help them prevent obesity. For more information about how to lose weight quickly and without stress consider reading Tips for Overweight Teens.